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Thursday, September 28, 2023

The two PRIDE OF THE CORE in combat - Star Wars

Now because you asked, I made a battle between these two dreadnought. For your information, some people called to these ships as PRIDE OF THE CORE, I named to them as Mandator MK.1 and MK.2. In fact Evillejedi designed them as the Mandators.

Star Wars: Raddus B - Ship Breakdown

The Raddus B from the New Republic & Resistance fully analized.

Star Wars: Raddus - Ship Breakdown

The Raddus from the New Republic & Resistance fully analized.

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Bulkwark I vs Mandator II -- Star Wars -- Ship vs Ship Battle

Now the Bulkwark MK.2 gets a complete update, weapons, graphics and more and the Mandator II another graphics improve.

Sunday, September 24, 2023

New Mandator II vs Bulkwar I -- Star Wars -- Super Battle

Today the Mandator II engages a Bulkwark I and a small Mandalorian fleet.

Star Wars Super Massive Battle

TWO MASSIVE FLEETS, REPUBLIC vs CIS, 20 MANDATOR II vs 20 CIS warships, including the Malevolence.

Star Wars: The Dominance Mostly Alone

Yes, there is a Dominance Battlegroup but now this ship is so useful that it can be used mostly alone, just it needs a small addition.

Star Wars: The Mix of Super Ships

It is the most used Battlegroup by everybody playing with the Empire.

NEW MANDATOR II vs Munificents -- Star Wars -- Super Battle

Can it be defeated by 20 Munificent Frigates?

NEW MANDATOR II vs Lucrehulk B -- Star Wars -- Super Battle

Today the Mandator II engages a Lucrehulk B, the usual Battlecruiser from the Separatist.

Friday, September 22, 2023

Star Wars: The Galactic Empire -The Best Battlegroups - Episose 3

What had happened if instead of the Supremacy, Snoke had commanded an Imperium Ultra Star Destroyer? Watch it now and discover my unknown proyects for this ship.