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Hi! First, congratulations on this epic mod... for me it has always been my favorite! I used to play some years ago... version 6.something maybe...

Recently i bought the game on steam cause i lost my old cd and downloaded the steam version of the mod.

I noticed the AI on GC...

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I love the work that you are doing.  I was playing around with Krennic's shuttle model from the steam version and put it in a mod that I test units out on.  The texture is all green.  I used the ALO viewer to see what associated texture files went with the model but must have misse...

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29 May 2019 - Terminator Dark Fate

In some months a new film from the Terminator universe will see the light. It will be very interested because it has been produced by James Cameron and directed by Tim Miller. The first was the creator from the saga and the second curiously was the director from Dead Pool by example. After some...

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All years I speak about the new upcoming films, this year I could not speak you before about my opinions. Much better because I have watched some of them.

By the moment, I have watched these.

From the last 2018.

-Mortal Engines.
The story from this film...

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I have updated the mod few moments ago. These are the main changes/additions.
-Added new Federation level starbases.
-Added new Klingon level starbases.
-Added new Romulan level starbases.
-Improved Space Disruptor proyectiles.
-Improved planets in galactic map.Read More

I've tried it several different time and the download is corrupted (incomplete).  It will only download 3.99 GB not the full 4.17.   Just wanted to make you aware. 

And ask if there were any alternative downloads sites to use to access your fine work.


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Not a big update but I have added several fixes to this mod today. I am working in a much bigger update but I do not go to say nothing before I have nothing. ;D
It is true, Petroglyph, the old Westwood has joined forces with EA for to create a remastered C&C. I can suppose how it will be a complete new game with the same features from C&C but with the last version from the ALO engine, the modern version from the engine used in games as EAW Steam and many ot...

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I have watched the last film and I am surprised by one thing. The Predators seen in the film are the weakest Predators seen before, they are stupid, weak, they are defeated by a group of assholes.

The Predator seen before defeated a elite of commandos in the first film, in the second...

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Would Star Trek TOS 4.5 work on the GOG Gold Edition as well? I don't want to buy the Gold Edition on Steam just to play the latest version. (That's not supposed to be an insult, the latest version of the mod on your site is excellent, it's just a money thing, that's all.)
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