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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Good films to watch at 2018 and what I have watched by the moment this year [Without Spoilers]

This is my favourite list of films for the rest of the year 2018. 

*Avengers: Infinity War. 23 April 2018.
I have watched all the Avengers, Iron Man, Ant Man, Black Panther, Captain America, Doctor Strange, Spiderman and Thor films. I like these heroes and I have comics from all them, some of them very old. My favourite film is Iron Man 1, it was the first and the best followed very close by Captain American The Winter Soldier. 

The last Black Panther is very good but I am a bit tired from films following the same argument, it was a clone from Iron Man 1, Captain America: The First Avenger, Thor 1, Ant Man, anyway always selling us the same type of story from one single heroe against one single villain in the begining of their lives as heroes. If they continue making it, one of them will crash in the launch one day not too far.

Avengers Infinity War shows more and more action but it joins the story with the Guardians of the Galaxy (I did not like too much the last film of them), it can be interesting and a fun story.

*Rampage. 13 April 2018.
It was premiered this weekend but I have not seen it now. Yes, it is probably a bad film but I like action films like this. I do not wait nothing very good, probably it was a bit cheap film but the story can be fun.

*Solo: A Star Wars Story. 25 May 2018.
When I discovered this film, I was afraid, when I saw Disney replacing the director 2 times, I was more afraid, this year looking the release date at may........I am very afraid........after watch the can be the film with worse cast ever and very few remember me to Star Wars really. 

This film will not be a failure because with only all the Star Wars fans watching it in the cinemas, they will win a lot of money. But people will lose their trust in Disney and one day, one of these films will be a disaster for their pockets.

It will be curious hear the music from this film, it is not from John Williams, it is from John Powell. I like a lot music from films and he is not the best, he is so bad as Alan Silvestry (last film Ready Player One) and he repeats again and again the same melodies. Perhaps another bad point.

*Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. 22 June 2018.
I liked all the films from Jurassic World, some of them were better than the others, the previous film was very good and when I watched the first trailer from the last, I thought how it was a bad short story from the previous protagonists saving the Dinosaurs, now with the last trailer, I see how it is a remake from the The Lost World: Jurassic Park with perhaps some changes. At least it is my opinion.

But probably it deserves be watched. Very curiously, probably because the director is from Spain (J.A. Bayona), the film will be release first and nearly one month before in Spain 8 June 2018. It is very ironic because in Spain films are released one month or more later. I do not go to discuss it but it is stupid.......

*Sicario: Day of the Soldado. 29 June 2018.
The first film with Emily Blunt and directed by Denis Villeneuve was very good, now without them, I do not wait nothing from the same quality but it can be good if you want watch some more from the real world.

*Ant-Man and the Wasp. 6 July 2018 .
Another film from the Avengers universe, more interesting by the addition from Evangeline Lilly in the character from the Wasp. What to say........Paul Rudd is not so fun as Evangeline interpreting the Wasp. This character is so good as Scarlett Johansson interpreting the Black Widow.

*The Equalizer 2. 20 July 2018.
The one was good, a bit violent for some people, I do not wait nothing better but it can be another good film for the summer. 

*Mission: Impossible - Fallout. 27 July 2018.
I have watched all the Mission Impossible films but with the last, there is a point which I do not like from Tom Cruise films, all them are one guy (him), the additional two or three good guys and one single girl. All them from the last years follow this rule and I do not wait nothing better. I will watch it but..........he is killing himself following these rules.
*The Predator (2018). 14 September 2018.
Remake or reboot released at this date............for me, it is a very bad date for a film. The release dates say a lot about a film. Clearly the creators do not bet too much by the film. But it can be good for a date where there are not too films.

*Venom (2018). 5 October 2018.
I have added it to the list but this film probably will be a complete failure. At my opinion, they should not make a fim from this character. Venom born as the darker spiderman part in the comics, it was a good addition for a Spiderman film but they made it as a single film. Even with the good interpreters, very probably will be a disaster in the cinemas.

*Mortal Engines. 14 December 2018.
Probably the best film from december and all the year. It is the most interested and the film with the most crazy story based in a book. I recomend you read the Mortal Engines book from Philip Reeve because it shows a apocaliptic world very different to the things showed before with a good story. 

*Aquaman (2018). 21 December 2018.
I do wait nothing good from this. I will watch it one day but.....the character is not Wonder Woman, I do not know what we can wait from Aquaman. A fight in Atlantis? who knows.........but clearly Han Solo was not released in december by this film.

*Bumblebee. 21 December 2018.
One of the last films from the year. This is another film where I do not wait nothing too impressive because it is a film taking advantage from the Transformers story and directed by Travis Knight who he has a complete lack of experience directing films. Perhaps he will surprise us but the release date say us how the producers are not too secure from the film success.

Good films watched before by me this year:

*Black Phanter. 
Very good film. I did not wait nothing good with this release date and it was a complete surprise. However, if they continue adding the same type of story for the new heroes, people will be get tired of this. Anyway one film showing one single heroe has worse performance most of the times than a group of heroes.
*Maze Runner: The Death Cure.
Different from the thing waited by me but similar at concept to the books from James Dashner. This apocaliptic story is not for all the people, it can be a bit hard showing a very bad world, if you read the comics, they are evern more apocaliptic. The film is very correct and it shows everything which you can wait from it.
 *Pacific Rim. 
The change of director was not bad, this type of film showing giant monsters and robots in a real world are not cheap. Perhaps the first film had a darker world as most of the films from Guillermo del Toro but Steven S. DeKnight has not made one very different or worse. Probably this film as the first are not films for the USA market and they are films more as the International market. 

Anyway, the first film showed us a very finished story and nobody knew how this new story could be made without a reboot or some like that. I recomend you watch it and if you have not watched the first film, you should watch it. It is very good, better than most of the Transformers films.

Well, this is my 2018 list. A bit short. There are probably more films which I will watch but they will not be more favourite films. As you can see, I like sci-fi films and with some exceptions not too much the fantasy films. I will tell you when I see the next films.

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