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Friday, January 28, 2022

Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Space combat improves

While I have been improving the mod with the last additions finding errors and fixing them, I have made several improves in the damage system, space targeting and several weapons, abilities and more.

Thanks to this the battles finish faster, the fighters/bombers can destroy hardpoints easier and the targeting accuracy is better because before there were some weapons which they were very bad against some units and targeting some

I have recorded a video from a fun battle over Rallttiir,  it was a battle between all the Empire forces vs all the Rebel folces from the Dark Empire era and they were a lot of them.

The points about the new changes are these:

Now fighter/bomber abilities works better. There are several new hidden abilities from them running.

Shield recharge can happen but it is more slow, just a bit for some units. Big units can receive a lot of damage from turbolasers/ion guns from smaller ships, it is a fact but enemy bombers can damage them faster.

Laser weapons from fighters/bombers have a better accuracy vs starships.

Antifighter weapons are lethal. There are few units with these weapons and they will not show a very difference in the balance.

Targeting between units is now better. It is a fact.

In addition, the galactic conquest have been improved. One thing that you note is the movement from heroes, the enemy heroes between planets where before they were more sit in one or two planets. You will not note that in the video because I have not recorded anything of this yet.

There will be another changes/improves that you note at some ground units as by example the Rebel XP-38. This speeder had some wrong things fixed as the lack of shields. However the biggest change is how before it was considered a vehicle and not a air vehicle. Now it is an air vehicle and it is targeted by anti-air weapons. After years playing with some vehicles as the scout speeder as this, I go to change them by air vehicles flying low.

Other vehicles and weapons which they did not make any damage in some units, now they make more damage. Instead of no-damage, they have worse or better accuracy vs some type of units.

The restore from the accuracy was a big part from the original 2021 patch. Before it did not run very well. However in the mod, there are thousands of units and these changes take more time. I can not edit everything at two days.

More news soon.

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Close Combat TBF – Veteran - Bastogne old vs new

 This is a curious comparation, the Bastogne map from the older Close Combat Wacht am Rhein with my Ardennes Offensive mod vs a recreation from that 2D map at 3D inside the Close Combat The Bloody First with my Veteran mod using similar units.

For recreate this old battle, I have taken the old 2D background view from the Bastogne map and I have added several new 3D objects, some of them as part of the buildings created from the scratch by me and others made with texture modifications from the originals.

I have made several new clusters of hedges, I like them because now I can deploy these things faster in the map editor.

It took me a lot of time set up all these new objects in the best way, even I needed to add different light effects because so many white with the sun from Normandy was......too much. Anyway, everything are useful stuff for new maps in the future from the Ardennes or other operations.

About the new map itself, it is curious how the map looks smaller. Not a surprise because the map was not one of the biggest maps in the CC War.

Other curious point from the game itself, it is how really there are not 2 floor or more buildings but a wall is a wall and if your fire is too low, it will not pass over the building. It happens with several weapons. At the same time, there are true elevations and most important a tree, any 3D object is a thing giving true covert.

About the future, by the moment, I prefer to create single battles which I can increase with more battle operations in the future. It is more useful and fun. I will release this new map one day not too far. I want improve the mod a bit more, perhaps with darker night battles and other things.

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Indictor & Attack Carrier improve

The Indictor is a model Coulden based in the Indictor-class electronic warfare corvette from Fractalsponge. The Attack Carrier is a modification from that model from Coulden making a fast carrier deploying the TIE Baron. These two units from the First Order have been improved with 4 four turrets with movement each of them. The Indictor gets two heavy turbolaser turrets and two Anti-Fighter turrets.
The Attack Carrier four heavy turbolaser turrets.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Updated 08/01/2022

 Few days ago I updated the mod with a larger amount of new features. There are not a larger amount of new units or changes in the Galactic Conquest, but there are many new things, starting by 4 new factions which you can play by the moment only in the skirmiss mode.

I say how the amount of new units is not big but probably it is very big compared to other updates. 😜

There are at least 41 new space units, several new heroes and several new ground models. Everything descripted in the previous news is inside this update. I do not go to create a list. I have not time and the purpose from all the mod is be played.

There are many improves in the Galactic Conquest but I have not added the new factions in them because it will require more time. Just you can play with the First Order units inside the Empire and the Resistance units inside the Rebel Alliance. In addition, the Rebel Alliance can build units from the Galactic Alliance the Confederation from the Second Galactic Civil War.

Playing with the Empire at GC where you can build the Research Station Level III, instead from to build the Supremacy, you can recruit Snoke and the Supremacy, obviously by a high price. He can recruit other heroes as Kylo Ren or the Captain Phasma. In time, he will recruit more.

Snoke in orbit with the Supremacy can build a special shipyard. This shipyard can build all the space units from the First Order. At the same time, he can build the ground buildings from that faction and their units.

Just him with the Empire can build these things.

Playing with the Rebel Alliance, in a GC where you can build the Research Station Level III, you will be able to build a special Construction ship. This ship can build a special shipyard where you can build the Resistance units. Because there are not different and new ground units by the moment for that faction, there is not a reason for to build them by the moment playing with the Rebel Alliance.

At skirmiss mode, there are not strange ways. Everything works as before, perhaps there are not more units and some of them are builded from different stations but nothing more. I have recorded a video showing it.

From time to time, I will continue updating the mod. I prefer many updates than wait with all the data in my hands waiting a release where you can lose everything in one day by a computer crash. In fact, this time did not happen by very few time. I had lucky with the backups or I had lost the work from many time when I was replacing a damaged hard drive.

Anyway, do not worry, no one of the future updates will crash your game probably and after each update, I need improve somethings. It is a fact, I am not a Borg, I am not perfect and the mod has thousands of parts, each edit require a million of additional changes. 😔

Monday, January 10, 2022

Star Wars Empire at War – Star Trek Alliance – Adding the first Borg buildings

Time to continue the Star Trek mod, this is the time from to start the addition from new ground stuff to the new factions.

I have started by the Borg and clearly I used the ISC faction as a temporal replacement for several things while I do these new features. Otherwise, I would not be able test in game these new additions.


Saturday, January 8, 2022

Far Cry 5 with HDR10 in an Acer Predator XB253QGPbmiiprzx

This is a comparation where you can watch how looks an Acer Predator XB253QGPbmiiprzx when you activate the HDR 10 inside a game as the Far Cry 5. As you can watch, it looks good but it adds a lot of brightness and I can not reduce it making night scenes looking bad. Bt default, colors look worse.
And this is the game without the HDR 10 activated, colors more realistic, normal brightness, everything perfect.