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Close Combat V

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This mod adds all the units from the Close Combat IV and its battle groups with all the icons, sounds but without replace the strategic map and the original maps from the Close Combat V. It is very fun if you find the original CC5 lacked of armor and bored.

This mod only will run well with a full CC5 install, the patch 5.1 is not full neccesary. You will need copy all CC4 maps to CC5 maps folder. It is easy, you will must not rename the maps.Only be sure than not copy the CC4 index.mpi file.

I (Nomada_Firefox) have done this complete new mod taken many things from other mods, by it I do not go to write a complete credits, I think that the correct credits were done on CC4 VetBoB by TT and on CC5AOVetBoB graphic addon by Whitehorse.

This mod is a realistic version of the Operation Overlord. Taken info from the Original CC5 Invasion Normandy, Bloody Omaha Mod and Gold Juno Sword I have done a complete Allied invasion with all the beach sectors on combat and landing airborne zones.

This mod is a "What if" and it is not realistic, I thought it if Germans won on Stalingrad and they contact with Japanese on Asia.
On this mod you can play with probably many or all the strange vehicles and units that you know but nobody saw on war.

Voice file to british airborne, armored and infantry, it runs as a submod to the main 1.2 mod plugin.

Voice file to polish airborne, it runs as a submod to the main 1.2 mod plugin.

Japanese voice file to CC5 Invasion Normandy 1946 1.2, it runs as a submod to the main 1.2 mod plugin.

French voice file to CC5 Invasion Normandy 1946 1.2, it runs as a submod to the main 1.2 mod plugin.

This mod change all original airattacks and mortar artillery to do it more powerfull and fun.

This is the main plugin from the Close Combat V: La Batalla del Ebro 2.0, you will need read the installation description for install it and remember always download and unzip on your maps folder the 44 maps pack before you install it.

Mod installation:

-You will need a complete Close Combat V installed + the unoffial patch 5.01

-For install it you would need the Close Combat V plugin manager made by Zeppo9 and by it the game must be installed always on the folder "c:\Program Files\SSI\Close Combat Invasion Normandy\", without big changes on the register the plugin manager will not run with other installation folder or hardisk unit.

-Before install the mod you must unzip the 44 La Batalla del Ebro maps on the maps folder from your Close Combat V game.

This is the third version of this mod, as you can see, I have done many changes. It is a Final version that I was tested all that I could on my computer. But if you find one error or you have one new idea to this mod, please put it on forum.
The history of the mod was done with the SW Force Commander main intro attack on Kalaan.

To install this mod you will need it:

-A Close Combat V Invasion Normandy with a Full installation.

-The CC5 unofficial Patch 5.1 or 5.01.

-The eleven CC3 maps converted to SW maps (I would like to do complete new maps but I have not free time to all). You can download them here on the maps section.

All the neccesary maps from the Close Combat V Star Wars mod in a single pack. You need uncompress it in the CCV maps folder before install the main plugin from the mod.


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