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Encyclopedia-First Order ground heroes

    • First Order Officer

    • Resistence level: Medium
    • Firepower: Low
    • Abilities: Take covert
    • Building Requeriments: Advance Command Center+Ground Barracks+Ground Officer Academy
    • Description: Ground commander that grants a 25% combat health bonus and increases sight range to all units in any land combat he participates in.

    • First Order Upsilon class command shuttle

    • Resistence level: High
    • Firepower: Medium
    • Abilities: Depends from the unit flying it
    • Description: Used by the Onager and Dreadnought air support advisors. At skirmiss this unit can build First Order units playing with the Empire.

    • Captain Phasma

    • Resistence level: High
    • Firepower: Medium
    • Abilities: Take Cover
    • Description: Phasma is a human female stormtrooper captain of the First Order.

    • Kylo Ren

    • Resistence level: High
    • Firepower: High
    • Abilities: Force Crush-Force Push
    • Description: Kylo Ren is the hand of the Supreme Leader Snoke in the galaxy.

    • Supreme Leader Snoke

    • Resistence level: High
    • Firepower: High
    • Abilities: Force Lightning-Force Corrupt
    • Description: The Leader of the First Order.

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