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Encyclopedia-Yevethan Units

    • Aramadia class

    • Hyper space speed: Fast
    • Shield Armor Type: ISD3 Class
    • Weapons: Advanced Proton Torpedo Launchers, Heavy Turbolaser Batteries
    • Abilities: Maximum Firepower-Self Destruct
    • Deploy Fighters: Yes
    • Number of fighters: 24
    • Fighter Type: D-Type fighter
    • Description: Yevethan starship, a unknown design but known for its powerful features.

    • D-Type fighter

    • Shields: Yes
    • Speed: Fast
    • Hyperspace Capability: Yes
    • Weapons: Laser guns
    • Abilities: Rocket assault
    • Description: Yevethan attack fighter. A lethal fighter due to its high speed, exceeding the resistance from a human.

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