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Polaris Sector


These are the last ModKit files from my Star Wars Polaris Sector Alliance mod. With them you can see what changes I added in the compiled files and you can make your own changes.

Mod installation:

Remove your designs folder at ..DocumentsMy GamesPolaris Sector.. folder.

Remove the in the ..DocumentsMy GamesPolaris Sector..

Uncompress the mod in the game folder ..Program Files (x86)SlitherinePolaris Sector.. or ..SteamsteamappscommonPolaris Sector..

You will see a new folder into the original game folder named Polaris_Sector_Alliance, do not rename it.

After uncompress the mod, enter the mod folder named Polaris_Sector_Alliance and copy the REMEMBER.CFG inside the Polaris_Sector_Alliance folder into the ..DocumentsMy GamesPolaris Sector.. folder.

Next you can play. You can see the mod credits here.

If you play with the DLC, you will see the First Order faction. If you do not play with the DLC, you will not see the faction. Very simple.

If you have any problem, remember ask in discord.


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