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Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Star Wars - Empire at War - FOC Alliance - New 31 March update

The past week I have updated the FOC Alliance Rebellion at Steam Workshop with several improves, fixes and even some addition.

List of changes:

  1. Blue Diver and MC75 are not missile cruisers any more
  2. Fixed Anakin Solo ISD turrets
  3. Fixed Hutt Cruiser turrets
  4. Fixed Blue Diver turrets
  5. Fixed Corellian Dreadnought turrets
  6. Improved Majestic Frigate weapons
  7. Improved performance at space reducing the drunk movement from several type of missiles, rockets, torpedos
  8. Improved several fighter/bomber abilities
  9. Improved code reducing the size from some files
  10. Added a main turret with movement in the Y-Wing and Three Engines Y-Wing from space
  11. Fixed Nebulon C turrets
  12. Improved Narshadda SD (Advanced Venator) shader (less brightness in battles)
  13. Fixed Hutt Corvette engine textures.
  14. Improved performance space battles.
  15. Ion guns (not abilities or defense planetary weapons by example), they do not disable engines never more.
  16. Fixed Corellian Heavy Gunboat turrets.
  17. Fixed Blue Diver turrets.
  18. Replaced and improved abilities from Corellian Dreadnought, Corellian Defender and Corellian Destroyer MKIII.
  19. Fixed Corellian Destroyer MKIII name.
  20. Fixed Rocket, Torpedo, Missiles and other balistic proyectile hardpoints.
  21. Reduced TorpedoSphere Radar image.
  22. Fixed Medium Golan size.
  23. Fixed B-Wing Super 1 engines.
  24. Fixed CHRISTOPHSIS ground map.
  25. Fixed size from the Black Sun Hardcell construction ship.
  26. Fixed Black Sun construction vehicle A.
  27. Construction vehicle A spawns satellite from a different way.
  28. Improved AI ground units builded in the Rogue Squadron, Trilogy of the New Republic, Emperor Reborn and DarkSaber.
  29. In that GCs the initial planets from the AI controlled by the Empire and Rebel Alliance are now stronger. (editado)
  30. Improved AI files.
  31. Reduced units amount in the Ground Commander Level 4 from the Empire.
  32. Improved Atzerri ground map.
  33. Added Deepcore Deepcore Modding Framework
  34. Increased trade routes speed.
  35. Improved World Devastator superlaser width.

One new feature is the improve in the Construction ships.

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