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Saturday, July 23, 2022

Editing this IMPROVED the Empire at War Experience - Two videos comparation

Few days ago I made at my discord server a poll about the firing rates and what players thought about them. The point was how before, they were different, in the old 4.7, they were slower. Next by changes in the space units, I made them higher and now when most of the units have more weapons, I was thinking reduce them. 

Here at this video, you can see a two video comparation where the reload timings are higher and the pulse count slower and smaller. With it, the space ships fire less turbolaser/laser/ions and the amount of proyectiles flying around is much more smaller. Thanks to this the fps are higher. 

Higher fps in the parts where the combat is not between all units, in the main combat, they are better but not too higher but after the main battle happens, the fps increased at comparation with the version with the smaller reload timings.

Now you can watch the two videos at the same time or divided. 

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