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Saturday, February 25, 2023

Few things that you should know about the next Star Trek Alliance TNG

 Few things that you should know about the next Star Trek Alliance TNG. 

-There will be a Galactic Conquest with all factions starting in the TOS era where you go increasing your time era with the research. I would name to this GC as the All Factions/All Era.

-Cardassians are not in the All Factions/All Era GC because they are part of the Dominion and the Dominion planets are unlocked only in the TNG era, not in the begining of that era.

-Gorn, Lyran, ISC, Mirak, Hydran, they are factions from the TMP era. 

-In the All Factions/All Era GC the Borg are in the TNG era. They do not go to attack you before that. You can not play with them before that. 

-The GC named Borg Invasion is from the Locutus time era and it happens only in the TNG era. You can play with the Borg or the Federation.

-Borg ships are very powerful, specially the Cube and there are two variants, normal Cube and Tactical Cube.

-There are ground units from all factions, included the Borg.

-The Dominion Wars is a GC played with the Federation or the Dominion. However the Federation can get heroes and build units from the Romulans and Klingon, not in the begining but it can. This GC starts in the TNG era. 

-Nemesis GC can be played with tthe Federation and Romulans. It starts in the last part from the TNG era. 

-Build TOS units in a GC starting in the TNG era is useless, they are expensive, you can upgrade some of them to the TMP variants and next TNG variants but it is expensive and it takes time.

-You could discover in the video from the Deep Space 9 defense what happens when a Brinkok Light Cruiser from the Cardassians engages in combat a Heavy Cruiser as TOS era Constitution Class. The Federation ship survives 5 seconds. 

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