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Close Combat The Bloody First


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The CC TBF-Veteran is a mod replacing the original campaign by a new campaign. It starts in Normany and it will continue adding more and more operations and content from all Europe.

This mod adds other features as new teams, guns, vehicles, infantry, weapons and more. It adds new maps with new terrain objects.

This is the main list of additions (I will update it):

1.03 main changes/additions:

*Operation Cobra added.

*1946 Campaign added.

*Remade several battles with new troops.

*Added several new vehicles, infantry units and new weapons.

M8-HMC, Grille, AM24, AM26, Sturmtiger, M4A3 Calliope, SdKfz 251/1 rocket, Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer, Flammpanzer 38(t) Hetzer, M12, M16 GMC, Sd.Kfz.234/2 Puma, SMG Team, Armored Infantry Squad, US Rangers Squad (AT), WinchesterM1897 Shotgun, Flammenmwerfer 41, Flamethrower M2, Panzerfaust 60, Panzerfaust 100, Sturmgewehr 44 and all the weapons from these new vehicles between several other things.

*Note how the flamethrowers are incomplete yet.

*Air attacks are more effective.

*Added new Air Planes with new attacks. Me262, B25 and B24 were added.

1.02 main changes/additions:

*German Normandy campaign divided at more operations.

*Different main forces added for each map from the campaigns.

*New balance settings in the German campaign.

1.01 main changes/additions:

*Fix the position from one building in the shipyards.

1.0 main changes/additions:

*Added Commonwealth beaches and other in land maps.

*Added Commonwealth units.

*Added several German units.

*Completed the Longest Day Allied Campaign chapter.

*Completed the Longest Day German Campaign chapter.

0.2 main changes/additions:

*Added two 82 AB Operations stopping the German counterattack with the converted maps from St Mere Eglise (TLD), Pont Le Abbe (TLD), La Fiere Causeway (TLD) and le Port Brehay (TLD).

*Added the converted map from Vierville (TLD) to the 101AB operation.

*Added new AB Engineers team.

*Added new French captured vehicles, Hotchkiss H35 and Renault R-35 from Rise of Nations mods as many other vehicles, thanks to this community by their work. More will be added in time when they be neccesary in the mod.

*Improved new buildings interiors preventing vehicles/guns from enter inside.

*Improved ground terrain covert improving infantry survival, combats are not more as the older Close Combat.

0.1 main changes/additions:

*The 0.1 adds three operations set in Normandy which they can be played as a campaign. The 101 AB deployment, the beaches from Utah and Omaha sectors. The campaign starts with the Airborne landing at night and it continues by the different scenarios.

(This campaign will be improved with more scenarios in new versions from the mod.)

*Infantry teams with 8 soldiers and different weapons.

*MG teams made smaller.

*Infantry can get a bit more of damage before be killed.

*Increased experience and default morale settings.

*New terrain 3D structures as walls, bunkers, two floor buildings (a cosmetic addition). Many changes in the terrain features.

*New vehicles and guns. (Several original vehicle teams in the game have a new 3D model).
M4A3E2 (75) Medium Tank
M4A3E2 (76) Medium Tank
Pz VG Panther
Jagdpanther V
M18 Hellcat
8.8cm Pak 43

*New weapons.
8.8cm Gun KwK 36
90 mm M3
128 mm Pak 44 L/55
Panzerfaust 60
Panzerfaust 100


Download and put the file inside the folder C:/Users/"your user name"/Documents/My Games/CloseCombatTheBloodyFirst/..

Uncompress the file in that folder.

Launch the game and select the mod in the new menu showed in the top left position from the main screen.
This file adds a closer zoom to the tactical mode from the Close Combat The Bloody First. Just it.


Just copy the content from the rar file inside you folder ..\Program Files (x86)\Matrix Games\Close Combat The Bloody First\Data\.. from your Close Combat The Bloody First installation and overwrite the file named MAPVIEW.TXT inside.

Recomendation: Make a copy from the original MAPVIEW.TXT before install this mini mod.

File edited by Nomada_Firefox.

(Make this change under your own responsibility.)

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  1. When I started a game, there were gray patches instead of terrain features in several areas. Is there a terrain download as well?