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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Updated 08/01/2022

 Few days ago I updated the mod with a larger amount of new features. There are not a larger amount of new units or changes in the Galactic Conquest, but there are many new things, starting by 4 new factions which you can play by the moment only in the skirmiss mode.

I say how the amount of new units is not big but probably it is very big compared to other updates. 😜

There are at least 41 new space units, several new heroes and several new ground models. Everything descripted in the previous news is inside this update. I do not go to create a list. I have not time and the purpose from all the mod is be played.

There are many improves in the Galactic Conquest but I have not added the new factions in them because it will require more time. Just you can play with the First Order units inside the Empire and the Resistance units inside the Rebel Alliance. In addition, the Rebel Alliance can build units from the Galactic Alliance the Confederation from the Second Galactic Civil War.

Playing with the Empire at GC where you can build the Research Station Level III, instead from to build the Supremacy, you can recruit Snoke and the Supremacy, obviously by a high price. He can recruit other heroes as Kylo Ren or the Captain Phasma. In time, he will recruit more.

Snoke in orbit with the Supremacy can build a special shipyard. This shipyard can build all the space units from the First Order. At the same time, he can build the ground buildings from that faction and their units.

Just him with the Empire can build these things.

Playing with the Rebel Alliance, in a GC where you can build the Research Station Level III, you will be able to build a special Construction ship. This ship can build a special shipyard where you can build the Resistance units. Because there are not different and new ground units by the moment for that faction, there is not a reason for to build them by the moment playing with the Rebel Alliance.

At skirmiss mode, there are not strange ways. Everything works as before, perhaps there are not more units and some of them are builded from different stations but nothing more. I have recorded a video showing it.

From time to time, I will continue updating the mod. I prefer many updates than wait with all the data in my hands waiting a release where you can lose everything in one day by a computer crash. In fact, this time did not happen by very few time. I had lucky with the backups or I had lost the work from many time when I was replacing a damaged hard drive.

Anyway, do not worry, no one of the future updates will crash your game probably and after each update, I need improve somethings. It is a fact, I am not a Borg, I am not perfect and the mod has thousands of parts, each edit require a million of additional changes. 😔

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