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Saturday, January 15, 2022

Close Combat TBF – Veteran - Bastogne old vs new

 This is a curious comparation, the Bastogne map from the older Close Combat Wacht am Rhein with my Ardennes Offensive mod vs a recreation from that 2D map at 3D inside the Close Combat The Bloody First with my Veteran mod using similar units.

For recreate this old battle, I have taken the old 2D background view from the Bastogne map and I have added several new 3D objects, some of them as part of the buildings created from the scratch by me and others made with texture modifications from the originals.

I have made several new clusters of hedges, I like them because now I can deploy these things faster in the map editor.

It took me a lot of time set up all these new objects in the best way, even I needed to add different light effects because so many white with the sun from Normandy was......too much. Anyway, everything are useful stuff for new maps in the future from the Ardennes or other operations.

About the new map itself, it is curious how the map looks smaller. Not a surprise because the map was not one of the biggest maps in the CC War.

Other curious point from the game itself, it is how really there are not 2 floor or more buildings but a wall is a wall and if your fire is too low, it will not pass over the building. It happens with several weapons. At the same time, there are true elevations and most important a tree, any 3D object is a thing giving true covert.

About the future, by the moment, I prefer to create single battles which I can increase with more battle operations in the future. It is more useful and fun. I will release this new map one day not too far. I want improve the mod a bit more, perhaps with darker night battles and other things.

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