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Friday, January 28, 2022

Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Space combat improves

While I have been improving the mod with the last additions finding errors and fixing them, I have made several improves in the damage system, space targeting and several weapons, abilities and more.

Thanks to this the battles finish faster, the fighters/bombers can destroy hardpoints easier and the targeting accuracy is better because before there were some weapons which they were very bad against some units and targeting some

I have recorded a video from a fun battle over Rallttiir,  it was a battle between all the Empire forces vs all the Rebel folces from the Dark Empire era and they were a lot of them.

The points about the new changes are these:

Now fighter/bomber abilities works better. There are several new hidden abilities from them running.

Shield recharge can happen but it is more slow, just a bit for some units. Big units can receive a lot of damage from turbolasers/ion guns from smaller ships, it is a fact but enemy bombers can damage them faster.

Laser weapons from fighters/bombers have a better accuracy vs starships.

Antifighter weapons are lethal. There are few units with these weapons and they will not show a very difference in the balance.

Targeting between units is now better. It is a fact.

In addition, the galactic conquest have been improved. One thing that you note is the movement from heroes, the enemy heroes between planets where before they were more sit in one or two planets. You will not note that in the video because I have not recorded anything of this yet.

There will be another changes/improves that you note at some ground units as by example the Rebel XP-38. This speeder had some wrong things fixed as the lack of shields. However the biggest change is how before it was considered a vehicle and not a air vehicle. Now it is an air vehicle and it is targeted by anti-air weapons. After years playing with some vehicles as the scout speeder as this, I go to change them by air vehicles flying low.

Other vehicles and weapons which they did not make any damage in some units, now they make more damage. Instead of no-damage, they have worse or better accuracy vs some type of units.

The restore from the accuracy was a big part from the original 2021 patch. Before it did not run very well. However in the mod, there are thousands of units and these changes take more time. I can not edit everything at two days.

More news soon.

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