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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Whats up with the mod?

 Well, lately I have not found too much time to write news. I have been making many things and the amount of time for these things were limited to the maximun. So many that I do not go to be able work too much this week in the mod and perhaps the next week. Anyway I have not any hurry and I can not make miracles.

But the past weeks, I started the addition from new ground units for the new factions, it is essential for the addition from these new factions inside the Galactic Conquest.

The First Order and the Resistance will be add several new units as this. Advanced vehicles for the FO and other fun things for the Resistance.

About space units, I have been working in the creation from a Proclamator model. It is a slow progress work but the model is finished at least. I have made it just because one guy who he has supported my web site for years asked me about this new addition.

Probably it will not be the last space unit added with a Fractalsponge, I am working in another but I do not go to reveal it. It is another slow progress work. Anyway, who knows what I can add this year. 😀

In the meantime I will continue updating the mod with critical fixes and some small additions as the Landing Platforms used by the ground air units.

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