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Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Star Wars Empire at War - FOC Alliance - New air units deployment

This weekend I was playing the mod and as other times, I thought, Fighters and Bombers have a problem, they move too fast and they are too weak against anti-air units. Before I tried increase their resistance but it was not good because it affected too much to the balance making very powerful air units.

Other option was to try save them alive more time, repairing them but many times you lose all them in one single attack as you can watch at this video.

Air units are too fast compared to other units and I needed some better. Solution? They will be deployed from a ground landing platform. It deploys them as other ground buildings from the defender in battle or in skirmiss. One single unit each few seconds and it restores the destroyed units.

It will be used by the human and AI player. By the moment I have made the Rebel version only and it was the first in game test. Perfect. You can imagine how each faction will use different flags.

But it has more good features, depending from the unit that it desploys it, it can add from two to four AA turrets.

Have fun. It lets you to create better tactics, the AI uses it and you do not lose your fighters and bombers in one single attack.

It is not the unique new improve from the last days. I have been working in improve the build from some ground groups for the Empire AI because it had too restrictions and an AI with limits where it must require a unit in orbit for to build other unit, it does not work. Now the Empire builds more and different ground teams.

Other improve is the amount of units spawned from the fleets builded by the AI. I have added new limits and now even if the fleet is huge, it will not overload the battles so much as before. It is a important improve because sometimes the AI could launch in a battle 15 or more fleets and even if you can destroy them, it was not very random and you could get end very bored.

Another small change is change the type of unit for the speeders and speederbikes flying. Now they are air units and they can be targeted by default by the AA units. Much better than before.

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