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Monday, February 7, 2022

Star Wars Empire at War - FOC Alliance - New update

Today I have released a new update, it is not a simple small update with just two improves, it adds several new improves and fixes.

One of the improves is the space combat damage system, now it is a bit different and probably better, more thinking in how the space units add much more hardpoints and to avoid very long space combats.

Not all the improves are in space, there are several improves in the ground combats. In them you will see all the speeders flying around which they were vehicles before, now acting as air units and being destroyed by the aa turrets.

There are several AI improves and some fixes relationated indirectely with its ground units which probably theywill crash your previous savegames. However, it prevents some CTD and it is important.

You will see to the AI building and deploying units in ground battles that you did not see before.

The air units spawned from a landing platform are at this update.

You will note how some heroes can receive a lot of damage, they are force users and they must be destroyed with some of type of weapons of they will reflect a lot of damage. In addition, they can restore their health. By this reason, it can be difficult destroy them.
At this last video as in the video from Sullust attacking an small Imperial fleet with a SSD MKI, you will note a change in graphics because I was playing with the Nvidia DLDSR active where the antialising are better and the 1080p graphics were set as in a 1440p. This last DSR named DLDRS model and only from RTX graphics cards gains performance compared to the normal version.

You did not watch this yet, but the ground anti-vehicle and anti-infantry turrets can target enemies from much more far. It will compensate the lack of armor.

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