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Monday, March 14, 2022

Star Wars Empire at War - FOC Alliance - Space AI reinforces improved

It is true how the last week I have not made too much new things from this mod because I have been working in the Star Trek mod and I go to continue centering me in that mod for some more of time, I want finish it. However, I have been playing the Dark Empire GC and making different improves.

The most important was fix and improve the reinforces spawned by the AI. As you know the AI builds ships with the class fleet, these units spawn in the battles other units and even if it looks strange, it is a very important feature because it avoids the huge lag produced by one AI building all the type of different units from each faction. It was a problem in the past and even if there is some of lag, the amount is a lot less than before.

Of course, with one game running with only a 30% from a single core from the CPU and a 30% from the GPU, a good performance with this mod is impossible, always there will be lag at some point. My unique concern is avoid problems producing a CTD and get everything running so fast it can be.

In the first versions where I added these new AI reinforces, there was a problem, the AI builded a lot of these units and battles could be very long. The improves in the code prevent it. The AI will not use the 100% from all the possible units but it will be enough fun and there will be different units in the battles.

In this video you can note the changes in battles, I hope release this update soon.

Other changes, important changes are the Probe Droid, Long Range Y-Wing and other generic units being builded now with the Advance Command Center. People ask me many times because I added that building, the point is prevent the massive build from some of these units by the AI. Before you could see how the AI builded 100 or more Probe Droids, it made lag. The build from a lot of ground units produces lag.

In the Dark Empire GC, I fixed the unlock from the Research Station III after you conquer Coruscant. There were some trouble with it and it was a good addition. 

Other improves are as you know several changes in ground maps but I will release these things later, the main priority are the AI improves. Stay tunned, I will post more sooner or later.😎

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