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Thursday, March 3, 2022

Star Wars Empire at War - FOC Alliance - Dark Empire improve

Lately I have been playing a lot the Dark Empire GC with all the planets and I have made several improves and fixes.

First I have added new trade routes making more difficult to get planets far from the enemy.

Of course, I have fixed Ilum, all these changes are from the galactic conquest with more planets. The smaller will be without too changes. 

Other changes are Bonadan and Yavin gets trade routes.

More additions, new planets, by the moment I have added Nespis VIII. Probably it will replace Korriban. There is not need from to add more planets. Just replace some of them. There will be some planets more as Vjun from the Empire.

Other changes are in several ground maps.

Many of the improves are from the terrain improving the landing zones. 

More improves are in weapons and ground vehicles. There are changes in the AI and how it runs in that conflict. In general the GC is more difficult now but more fun. 😅

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