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Saturday, March 12, 2022

Star Wars Empire at War - FOC Alliance - Palanhi

Palanhi is one of the new planets added in the Dark Empire Galactic Conquest.  

This planet probably will be added in other GCs as the New Republic trilogy because it is original from it. 

I remembered it looking the Dark Empire map from the old Star Wars Atlas. However in the old Star Wars Atlas that map mixed several episodes that I had painted divided.

As you can see in this image, it joins the all the parts from the Dark Empire, the trilogy of the Jedi Academy and the Dark Saber in one single map. Of course the reader can difference them but it is a bit messi.

Anyway, this Atlas was a very good thing published many time ago. It was perfect, better than anything published by Disney.

Returning I have added a curious map where the enemy attacking can be targeted from many positions. Probably you think how it is very easy but this is a planet in a main trade router where you can receive many attacks in a GC where you can not defend with fleets your planets in the begining.

You can watch the new Rebel Advance Command Center. In time I will replace all the versions made by myself with the original from the old Star Wars Commander game, they much better. My versions were not bad because I made them looking a single and very small screenshot but by that point these are better. 😎

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