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Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Star Wars Empire at War - FOC Alliance - New changes in ground maps

Yes, it is not a new ground map but I have made several changes in the ground map. First remove the stupid landing zone in the town from the Ewoks. 

Second, I added a bigger and with less obstacles zone left side of the map. Endor has two versions, one before the Episode VI and other after Episode VI. In one the primary landing zone is in the left corner of the map and in other in the top corner, closer to the simulated Imperial bunker zone .

Other ground map with changes is Dolomar where you can see several changes in the passability avoiding strange situations.

Mist is another of these maps with changes in the passability zones and now the way of to defend and to attack is completely different from before.

The changes in this another ground map, from the planet named Xa Fel, they are bigger, I have added a better initial landing position where the units deployed be not stopped by the lack of passability. 

Yes, it is true, there are many ground maps with this problem and I am workin the them. Other ground maps improved are Polus, Abregadorae, Arkania, Chandrila, Das Soocha, Manaan, Nubia, Onderon, Pallaxides, Qat_Chrystac, Thyferra, Yinchorr. Not only I improve the landing zones, there are changes in other things as the defending positions or building positions.

And in the space maps I am improving the brightness making them less darker. A lot of good changes for the closer future.😀

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