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Saturday, April 14, 2018

FOC Alliance 8.0X - Thinking remake the Darksaber GC

This weekend probably you noted how the forum is a bit disabled, I am making changes in it and it goes to take some time restart it, however, I have released a new Blog as the main page where you can read the main news from the site. I will publish everything about my mods, relationated information and more about games, films, books, comics. 

When the other part from the site be online again, you will be able to use it for the Star Wars units in my mods Encyclopedia, Downloads, Forum, Faqs, Help&Troubleshooting, Guides and more.

About the remake from the DarkSaber GC, I have noted how it goes worse, with more lag than the new incoming FOC Alliance Rebellion 1.0, by this reason, I will remake the GC a bit. I will not change the amount of planets but clearly it worse badly because there are many Imperial units in the begining and it will need reduce this amount a lot. Just it.

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