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Monday, April 9, 2018

Star Wars Polaris Sector Star Wars Galaxy part II

I continue testing the new Star Wars Galaxy, this time instead of record all the game, I go to record some parts. If you compare with the previous video, I have conquered a big cluster of stars, most of the Unknown regions from the Empire Remant and I continue expanding my Galactic Empire or Democracy as you want think.;)

At this point, I have defeated most of the Pirates attacking me. Yes, I de-selected the Pirates in the begining but it is a previous started scenario edited, some of the options are not present and Pirates are not a big problem.

In the begining, you can get crazy because you have not space forces and they defeat you but the key is build carriers and fighters for them. Fighters with torpedoes can be fast in battle and easily can destroy the Pirates.

Other point from the begining is how minerals you need. Lack of Metal and Organics (fuel), usually it happens when you have few planets. Next you can get lack of food because if you build mines, you will need food for the workers.

At the end, there are a lot of things to handle but some can be made in automatic and you do not need lose your mind playing. Specially if you have noted it, this Star Wars Galaxy adds exactly the type of planets from the Star Wars universe, by this reason, there are many temperate planets and it helps a lot because these planets have additional resources and they are good for to farms. By this special point with the planets, to play this new galaxy is different from to play the original game galaxies. 

For the record, there are some planets in bad positions but it will be fixed and with time, I will add more planets. ;) The bad clicks with the mouse, several times in the fleet button are probably because my mouse are finishing the battery.......

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