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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Not too much new with exception from a new 2TB Barracuda HDD

Today I could not play or modding too much, I bought a new HDD because one Samsung HDD 1.36TB was not running sometimes and usually it is a HDD before it crashs. By this reason, I bought a new Seagate Barracuda 2TB 61€, it was cheaper than others as the Western Digital Blue 2TB 68€.

I know what you will think, Seagate Barracuda is a bad HDD, I do not agree, I have other one bought at 2015. All the HDD can crash anytime, the point is take care of them, I try do not load them more of 75% and making this, I increase their live. If you study people problems with HDD, most of them recorded more of the 90% of the disk, it is a fact.

Now perhaps I am crazy, but I have not removed the old Samsung HDD, I have put it in a place from my tower where I can disconnect it very fast and I am formatting it while I speak. I put before all the data inside cloning it with diskwizard tool. A bit slow, most of the morning but it is better than nothing. At least the Barracuda is a bit more faster, it runs to 7200rpm when many other disk from the same size and money run at 5400rpm. It was the main point from the Western Digital Blue. If you are curious, my main computer has 2 SSD and 4 HDD, and one is a 2TB Western Digital Green.

Well now I have more space for more mods and other things. ;)

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