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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

FOC Alliance Rebellion 1.0 - Soon

I will release soon this special new mod. The 1.0 version only will add Galactic Conquest for the Rebels and Empire. Remember, the GC are the main goal from this mod. 

There is skirmiss and multiplayer. I know how the mod will be strange by several reasons and I will add a guide sooner or later. 

I hope release this first version this week and continue upgrading it in Steam Workshop after it with several additions and more time eras. Because this mod will not add a lot of factions but it will add different time eras where you can start with the Galactic Republic and jump to the Galactic Empire and follow the Star Wars history. There is not need from several factions. 

In the video, you can watch how the AI makes more ground attacks and yes, it makes some stupid attacks to planets with Starbases attacking them with ground units in orbit. I am tweaking it for avoid lose against them with the autoresolve if you have a starbase in orbit.

Anyway, it is better than previous because the AI launched a lot less ground attacks.

There are chances from to get it a bit different and more realistic, I say from space battles when you are attacked by ground units in the orbit but I am not sure if I go to try it now.  Who knows.......I will tell you if I make it.;)

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