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Monday, April 16, 2018

VirtualTed, the representant from Petroglyph in EAWSteam says how the patch is in progress

After we do not know the past months too much about the new EAW patch, VirtualTed, the voice from Petroglyph inside the EAW Steam forum has told this.
We are actually working on a patch and have fixed several items that were brought up by the community. I'd like to get 2-3 more items fixed (things like Luke's Lucky Shot special ability) but we're trying to find a little time to wrap it up before sending off to Disney for testing.
The process for getting a patch out to players is long, so nothing next week. :) But, we are working on it when we get the chance.
Clearly they are working in a new patch as we know before. Probably they do not use so much time as other proyects from them but they have not abandoned the game.

At my opinion, I would wait the patch for september 2018 or a later date. Anyway, it will be more than welcome.

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